About Dark Side of the HODL Moon

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BlocKade, aka Professor HODL, is a Crypto Trader and Investor. He also runs his own Blockchain and Crypto Consulting Company called HODL Technologies, located in Rhode Island. He got into Bitcoin after seeing it on some freedom-orientated blogs in 2012. He really got into it in 2016 and has been actively trading and/or HODLing, ever since. He's been working full time in the Blockchain space since early 2018. He brings his fun side to the DSOTHM podcast! LinkedIn

Josh Igoe is a well-rounded "veteran" in the Crypto space, first using Bitcoin in 2011. In 2015, he completed the Draper University course on Bitcoin Basics and the penny dropped on how this technology was going to change the world. He began working for blockchain companies in Korea and completed the Oxford University Blockchain Strategy course in 2018. He's lead successful fundraising and marketing crypto campaigns raising millions of dollars. He now works for Salamantex GmbH in their international business development division and is their country manager in Korea. He has an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business.